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New Winery Refrigeration System

Supply and installation of a new -5°C glycol primary chiller plant including underground secondary glycol recirculation pipework.

The insulated stainless steel pipe work will provide glycol to a range of equipment including, must chillers, cool rooms, wine storage tanks and open fermenters.

Replacement of Existing Induced Draft Glycol Coolers


Supply and installation of 8 new Glycol coolers to replace existing units, the facilities operations dictated a coordinated approach to the changeover so as to not impede distribution schedules.

The new Glycol coolers are operating more efficiently and providing more consistent room temperatures, as was expected.

Winery Glycol Cooling System

With a design to meet the client’s budget, a mixture of new and second hand equipment was installed as part of a glycol cooling system to serve a production hall and barrel store.

A new PLC control system was used for the chiller and also interfaced with existing zone controls.

New Brewery Glycol Chiller


The supply and installation of a new air cooled -5°C glycol chiller to provide glycol to the Breweries recirculation system.

Due to the location of the chiller, a co-ordinated approach was required for a substantial crane lift.