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Ammonia Compressor and System Upgrade


As part of consolidating two plant rooms into one a new ammonia compressor package was installed.

Other works included new interconnecting liquid and suction headers, a new suction accumulator and reconditioning a large second hand receiver.

Evaporative Condenser Upgrade at Food Manufacturing Facility


Removal of two old evaporative ammonia condensers and replacement with one new energy efficient 715kW condenser.

All works where completed in one day including removal of the redundant units, so as to not impact freezer temperatures and production schedules.

Replacement of Existing Induced Draft Glycol Coolers


Supply and installation of 8 new Glycol coolers to replace existing units, the facilities operations dictated a coordinated approach to the changeover so as to not impede distribution schedules.

The new Glycol coolers are operating more efficiently and providing more consistent room temperatures, as was expected.

New Brewery Glycol Chiller


The supply and installation of a new air cooled -5°C glycol chiller to provide glycol to the Breweries recirculation system.

Due to the location of the chiller, a co-ordinated approach was required for a substantial crane lift.