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Pharmaceutical Facility

Design, installation and construction of a new 800m² critical care, +2°C, cool room for pharmaceutical blood product storage, and conditioning of an adjacent warehouse using refurbished equipment.

Designed with complete system redundancy and to meet the most stringent levels of cold chain compliance including temperature mapping from over 100 points within each room.

High end PLC control […]

Melbourne Fruit and Vegetable Market Warehouse Refrigeration

Supply and installation of refrigeration equipment to serve multiple fruit and vegetable storage rooms operating at various temperatures.

Blast Freezing Tunnel and Holding Freezer

Supply and installation of a new -35°C batch blast freezing tunnel for freezing bread rolls and other bakery products. As part of the project a new -18°C holding freezer was also installed for product storage.

Industrial Air Dryer

Routine maintenance and service works to an industrial air dryer used at a mining facility in Papua New Guinea.

Works included a refrigerant leak mitigation program and screw compressor changeover and overhaul.

The site logistics of working in a remote area and having strict downtime requirements necessitated a tightly coordinated approach to the works.

Melbourne Fruit and Vegetable Market Tenancy Cool Rooms

Supply and installation of secondary -5°C glycol recirculation systems for cool rooms at the new Melbourne Market in Epping.

Various clients that required individual layouts necessitated customised refrigeration design solutions.

Compliance with facility design requirements and building regulations also had to be considered in the final design.

Flammable Goods Bunker Ventilation System

Manufacture and installation of a code compliant ventilation system for a flammable goods store.

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